Linked Kanji Information

When doing normal dictionary lookups, you can have the details on each word's kanji linked in. Checking the ``link kanji information'' box on the main dictionary page (or making the appropriate customization) will cause search results to have a ``kanji info'' link for each word (that actually has kanji). This will refer to the database of kanji information, referencing the appropriate kanji in the appropriate order.

Note that you use the main dictionary customization to decide if kanji information is linked in, but to actually customize the kanji information itself, use the kanji database customization page. Make sure you return to the main dictionary via the appropriate links (and not your browser's ``back'' button) to preserve the settings. They are encoded in the URL you get back from the customization form. %if !$option{'encoding'}

%if $option{'pix'}==0 Since your browser does not seem to support Japanese text, I highly suggest using the ``ASCII text-only pix of kanji'' (available on the kanji database customization page). If you have the screen real-estate, go for the full 48 pixel monster, or the jumbo-sized 64 pixel behemoth, or the really super jumbo size of 96 pixels! %else The ``ASCII text-only pix of kanji'' thing is neat, huh? %endif %endif

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