Jeffrey's Kanji Lookup

This server provides access to a lot of information on over 12100 different kanji. The data comes from kanjidic (and optionally, kanjd212 or kanjd213), both compiled by Jim Breen (j.breen@csse.monash.edu.au). Once you find a character, you can use it in dictionary queries (here's how).

There are .two. retrieval methods: detailed instructions here. %if $is_ENTER || $is_QUEPASA || $is_QUETZAL %if !$option{'encoding'} (Actually, there are .four. retrieval methods but I see you're not using a browser that groks Japanese encoding.) %else But since you are using one of the Japanese encodings available, there are two more methods. %endif %endif

%if $is_QUETZAL || %is_QUEPASA NOTE: you can customize many aspects of your visit to the kanji database. Also, this page on kanji dictionaries might be useful. %endif

The Index Method

Select a character via its . %if $option{'tty'}
%endif Enter index/code here:
Search kanjd212 too:
Search kanjd213 too:
(you can search for multiple characters by separating the indices with spaces or commas)
%if $option{'tty'} %else

The Cull Method

Mix and match the item(s) that you know (if you're not familiar with the SKIP indexing method, I highly recommend it): %if $option{'tty'}