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Google is a large web search engine in the USA which boasts many capabilities, not the least of which to be able to execute searches in a specific language and character encoding. Sanseido's Dictionary is actually a Japanese-Japanese dictionary, but today it has support for English-Japanese and Japanese-English as well. It is the second commercial Japanese dictionary to appear (that I know of) after Kenkyusha's on the Internet.

They both require raw-Japanese support %if $option{'encoding'} (which you have) %else (which you are not using now) %endif and are targeted to the Japanese reader.

%if $option{'encoding'} ne 'euc' It seems that Sanseido's pages require support for EUC encoding (you're currently using %if $option{'encoding'} %value[$option{'encoding'}] %else no %endif encoding). %if $option{'netscape'} If you make sure that your [View/Character Set] is set to [Japanese (Auto Detect)], you'll probably be alright. %else I provide encoding hints with my pages to help advanced browsers grok what I return, but Sanseido may not. So while even though you can view my pages correctly, there is a small chance you won't be able to view theirs correctly. If you can't, try making sure you have whatever "Language Encoding" option set to "EUC". %endif

%endif As a matter of web-convenience, I have placed links at the end of each search result which will connect directly to both Google's and Sanseido's search engine. I try my best to make sure that the search key seems like what they want (and I don't include the link in situations where it seems completely hopeless), but there's no guarantee that it'll work.

Where searches are made that include places names in the results, an extra link to Google Maps has been added. This is to allow the ability to locate a place in Japan and map it for you. There are cases however where a Japanese place name isn't available.

I have no relationship with Google or Sanseido, nor they with me. I merely add the links to be a friendly net neighbor.

Comments appreciated
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