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%endif Welcome to Jeffrey's Japanese%value[$option{'encoding'} ? '⇔' : '<->']English Dictionary Server! Also see the searchable database of kanji information. %if $option{'encoding'} %if $option{'netscape'} If the Japanese doesn't come out, check here. %else If your %netscape{"Netscape"}%!netscape{"browser"} does not have Japanese support (or doesn't grok %if $option{'encoding'} eq 'euc' EUC %elsif $option{'encoding'} eq 'jis' JIS %elsif $option{'encoding'} eq 'sjis' Shift-JIS %else ???? %endif ), go here. %endif また、日本語のページもあります. %else If your %netscape{"Netscape"}%!netscape{"browser"} does have Japanese support, check here. %endif %if !$option{'tty'} && !$agent_known If you're using a browser such as lynx, use a this version tailored for tty-based browsers. %endif %if !$option{'NoColor'} This page available without colors, etc. %else This page available with colors, etc. %endif

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%endif %value{ $RIGHT = '['; '' } %value{ $LEFT = ']'; '' } Search in dictionaries of %value[$RIGHT] words ; names ; legal terms ; life-science terms ; Four-Character Idiomatic Compounds ; aviation terms ; computer terms ; compound verbs terms ; concrete terms ; engineering and science terms ; environment terms ; finance terms ; forestry terms ; riverwater terms ; manufacturing terms ; geological terms ; Japanese place names ; linguistics terms ; marketing terms ; pulp and paper terms ; star and constellation names ; Buddhist Terms ; Chemical Terms ; %if !$option{'encoding'} French-Japanese dictionary %endif %if $is_QUEPASA || $is_QUETZAL ; Kodansha dictionary %endif %value[$LEFT] %if $option{'tty'}

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%if $option{'tty'} Going here will allow you to customize the dictionary server in various ways. %else You can customize various things for all interactions with my dictionary system (see here), or use the following for some one-time changes for the dictionary lookup only: %if $option{'encoding'} %value[$RIGHT] Anchors to Large Japanese %value[$LEFT] %else %value[$RIGHT]Japanese text image foreground color %value[$LEFT] %value[$RIGHT]Japanese text image background color %value[$LEFT] %value[$RIGHT]size %value[$LEFT] %value[$RIGHT]print vertically %value[$LEFT] %value[$RIGHT]kanji should be inlined (kana-only entries too ) %value[$LEFT] %endif %endif %if $option{'tty'} %value[$RIGHT]inline romaji %value[$LEFT] %endif %value[$RIGHT]link kanji information %value[$LEFT] %value[$RIGHT]link external search engines %value[$LEFT] %if $option{'tty'}
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'} News: The searchable database of kanji information now supports lookups of kanji by pasting it into a search request. (But you need to have chosen a Japanese encoding at the beginning).

News: If you select Japanese place names or the names dictionaries as well as the link to external search engines, you can try your hand at seeing if Google Maps has info on it.

News: You can now customize various things in this server. See the Change notes for more info.

News: You can now search for JIS-X-0212 kanji in the searchable database of kanji information.


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