Customizing the Dictionary Server

%value<< \ if ($return_address =~ /\bkanji\b/) { \ $_where = 'kanji lookup server'; \ $_link = 'kanji'; \ } else { \ $_where = 'main dictionary page'; \ $_link = 'dict'; \ } \ ''; \ >> Change any of the items you like throughout the page. At the bottom is a button to press which will make the changes take effect and return you to the %value{$_where}.

Once you have the settings the way you like, you can save the resulting %value{$_where} URL in a bookmark, leaving your favorite defaults at your mouse-tip.

Viewing Japanese text with a browser (select one):

For when you are using one of the encoding methods (a general discussion of encoding methods, BTW, is here), you can:

For when text-as-image GIFs are created:

Default search parameters


To have everything above take effect, and you'll be returned to the %value{$_where}. You'll then be able to save the settings by bookmarking that page.

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